Helda Tan, BINUSIAN Parent

Helda Tan, BINUSIAN Parent Things I love about BINUS SCHOOL  is the open infrastructure building that makes my children feel comfortable. As a parent, I also see there are three things that I’ve seen progress in my children, Sadrach and Grecia since they studied at BINUS SCHOOL; self-leadership, self-discipline, and developing social skills.
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Alexandra Audrey Tirtaguna

Alexandra Audrey Tirtaguna BINUS SCHOOL  wasn’t just a place to learn, but a place to grow and transform the mind. I am thankful for the overwhelming support I received in reaching my goals.
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Beverly Gunawan, Class of 2006

Beverly Gunawan, Class of 2006 Aside from diverse students, diverse faculties and teachers hail from various corners of the globe. Growing up in such a diverse environment has profoundly shaped me, fostering adaptability to new situations and ever-changing surroundings. Understanding individuals from their unique perspectives, along with their diverse cultures and backgrounds, is crucial for success in the workplace. What I learn in school doesn’t necessarily have to be directly related to our future careers. The faculty members have played a pivotal role in honing my critical and creative thinking skills, as well as teaching me how to effectively collaborate in groups and instill discipline. Developing a strong work ethic is essential in any workplace, a lesson we began learning from a young age. My time at BINUS SCHOOL Simprug has been truly enriching, filled with valuable experiences of studying, forging friendships, and exploring diverse subjects.
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