Promoting Mental Resilience and Sportsmanship Among Schools, BINUS SCHOOL Bekasi Organizes Bee-SB Cup 2024 Tournament

Continuous training is essential for students to enhance their sports skills, with competitions serving as a key method for this purpose. These contests not only provide a gauge of their abilities but also instill qualities of resilience and sportsmanship when facing diverse opponents.

To facilitate students’ athletic development, BINUS SCHOOL Bekasi once again hosted the Bee-SB CUP 2024 competition from February 22-24. Invitations were extended to students from various schools, including National Plus and Cambridge institutions in Bekasi, who could opt to compete in Basketball, Futsal, or Modern Dance categories.

Over two days, participants engaged in spirited competition, not solely focused on victory but also on gaining insights into game rules and strategic planning.

Reflecting on the event, Fazar Rizaldi, a teacher at BINUS SCHOOL Bekasi, noted that this year marked the competition’s second iteration. The school aims to foster camaraderie with other educational institutions in Bekasi, envisioning the Bee-SB CUP as a recurring fixture.

“We aspire for this to evolve into a gathering where National Plus and Cambridge schools in Bekasi and its environs come together regularly,” remarked Fazar.

With the theme “Hive of Champions,” the competition serves as a platform for BINUS to reinforce the SPIRIT values (Striving for Excellence, Perseverance, Integrity, Respect, Innovation, and Teamwork) and offers students an opportunity to #DiscoverNewHorizons at BINUS SCHOOL.

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